In our farm we put a great passion: the production of genuine and quality products.

Our family is proud of this rural tradition handed down from father to son. We personally take care of the cultivations on our terrains in the country, working all year long to produce cold cuts, cheese, extra virgin olive oil and other delicacies. It’s a commitment in which we apply all our experience and love for quality. The outcomes are fresh and tasty products and, above all, without preservatives and health-damaging ingredients.

Sale of typical products and handicrafts in the shopping area of our facility.
For guests who are longing to take home the taste of these areas and for all those who want to propose on their tables the concert of these flavours provided by the area of ‘Parco Nazionale del Cilento e Vallo di Diano’, we also operate in the retail of a wide range of traditional products, many of which of our own production.

The Farm Anna dei Sapori is located 80 km south of Salerno, in Cilento, in a fraction called Velina di Castelnuovo Cilento.
You can come to visit the Farm and stay here both for the meals and the night: in fact we also provide accommodations, with rooms and restaurant.
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